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Ready Mix Concrete

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“Only pay for what you lay!”

 David Ritchie & Sons Limited operate a volumetric mobile concrete mixer covering the North of Scotland, offering a service to construction and building companies that saves on cost and ensures zero wastage on site by delivering the precise amount of required concrete when and where it is needed.

With the concrete being mixed on site, this eliminates the problems of concrete already starting to set in the traditional mixing drum system when it is delivered. It is more cost effective because the exact quantity is mixed on site for each project, but it is also flexible because more concrete can be mixed on site if required. Customers pay only for the concrete they use, there are no void space or part load charges.


On site mixing means that more than one mix can be provided from the same delivery, for example a weak mix for a basic slab formation and a stronger mix for foundations. The workability and setting time of the concrete or “slump” as it is known can be adjusted on site by adding or reducing water to the mix. Specialised materials can also be added to the mix on site, such as fibres for bespoke floor screeds.

Our truck is equipped with long reach chutes and a swivel mechanism which enables the concrete to be distributed up to 7 metres from the vehicles rear axle. This in turn reduces the labour requirements on levelling the concrete.


David Ritchie and Sons Limited provide a complete one stop service for advice, quotations, ordering and invoicing. We guarantee quality by controlling every step of the process, from using our own produced and tested sand and aggregates to the National approved cement, provided by quality assured suppliers.

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“Cairngorm Concrete – as hard as the hills.”